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Brixton Forged

Brixton CM16 Forged

The foundation of the CM16 is inspired by the traditional geometries of a sixteen spoke mesh wheel. Our designers sought to update the classic design with modern octagonal geometries, surface fillet details and a very aggressive convex forging profile bringing out new characteristics allowing the CM16 to stand out among the rest. Available in our four signature lines, the CM16 can be tailored specifically to your taste.

Brixton CM5 Forged

Inspiration to push the frontier of ultimate lightweight engineered and modern aesthetics is what motivated our designers and engineers to master an authentic Brixton Forged creation. The result is an aggressive and lightweight forged wheel that pushes the envelope in both engineering and manufacturing with a distinctively unique Brixton Forged design. The CM5 is available in all four of our signature variations, expanding the degrees of freedom to be truly original.

Brixton CM7 Forged

Inspired by the Brixton philosophy of providing a unique and timeless wheel set. The Brixton design team sought to carefully sculpt the traditional mesh design into an industry leading directional mesh while preserving the timeless appeal and geometry of the classic. The CM7 is offered in all four of our configurations from our lightest weight Circuit Spec series to our super concave Monaco reverse lip series.

Brixton M51 Forged

The Brixton Forged M51 wheel has been designed and redefined following in parallel with the Brixton mantra of extracting quality from details. Our M51 Targa offers a unique ball-end milled spoke contour which drops toward the end of the spoke into the flange, lending to an industry leading look that shaves weight and delivers originality. The rest of the line offers aggressive center profiles, recessed and exposed hardware options and our lightweight Circuit series, expanding the degrees of freedom to be truly original.

Brixton M53 Forged

Driven to push the limitations of our tool sets and milling machines, our designers sought to update the Brixton Forged lineup with something contemporary including surface milled features never seen in the industry before. Each M53 set is built to order, specifically optimized to each vehicle and instilled with trademark Brixton Forged styling. Available in all four of or traditional combinations the M53 is ready to be custom tailored to your vehicle.

Brixton M56 Forged

Inspired by the lightweight geometries found in GT3 class race cars, our M51 / M56 models have been engineered and designed to exude the essence of aggressive, lightweight forged performance wheels. Our engineers have taken classic split 10 and 12 spoke wheel geometries and added gradual window fillets, circuit inspired center dimples and additional techniques to lighten to wheel. The M56 is offered in our four signature configurations extending additional degrees of freedom to truly tailor them to your tastes.

Brixton M70 Forged

Much of our inspiration has precipitated from the continuous evolution of crafted design. Craft is defined by the ability to create something in a skillful way. Often the result of lifelong dedication, craft is passion which cannot be easily replicated. A collection of designs which inspired us and a craving to explore a path less traveled resulted in the design of the M70. A first in the wheel industry today sprouted from the challenge to re-design and re-engineer a portion of the wheel often left behind as an afterthought- the flange. The all new M70 is available in all four of our configurations, explore and be prepared for innovative design.

Brixton R10 Forged

A Brixton original, the R10 Series is an aggressive 10 spoke wheel with a 45 degree chamfer accenting every second pair of spokes. This unique feature offers something contemporary while being tasteful and timeless all in one series. The R10 is offered in all four of our signature configurations, with optional exposed or hidden hardware and drilled center dimples it will be easy to deliver a combination that suits any build.

Brixton R25 Forged

The Brixton Forged R25 stands proud in a class of its own as a true original in the wheel industry. Conceived from four derivations of the current design, our team went through countless reviews, changing milling paths and forging profiles until the ideal mixture of each feature came together. The R25 is available in all four of our signature variations, expanding the degrees of freedom to be truly original.

Brixton S50 Forged

The Brixton S50 wheel line is a combination of classic geometry highlighted by modern design and machining techniques. A surface fillet feature slowely plunges into the face as it enters the bolt holes, and ball end milled grazes the perimeter of each spoke slowly retracting from the side of the spoke creating a webbed ball end mill detail near the center of the wheel. The combination of these elements, and a carefully designed concave profile has allowed our 5-Spoke forged wheel to stand apart from the rest, carrying a distinctive Brixton Forged style with it.

Brixton S60 Forged

The Brixton S60 exudes simplicity and symmetry, resulting in a six spoke design which pops in the details. Our carefully crafted forging profiles and aggressive bolt hole center offers a distinctively unique look that can be easily tailored to a classy project or boast more of a race bread aggressive presence. In addition to being available in our four signature configurations, the S60 features optional drilled center dimples and back pad pocketing adding to the freedom of customizing a wheel set worthy of a showroom yet prepared to perform on the race track.

Brixton S66 Forged

The Brixton S66 has taken the classic split 6 spoke wheel design to another level by offering carefully milled spoke edge fillets and the signature Brixton Forged bolt hole center profile with subtle surface dimple details. The S66 is offered in all four of our signature configurations increasing the degrees of freedom to truly craft something to your tastes.