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RSC Tuning

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Air Box

Ferrari understands that the heart and soul of its brand are the race bred engines that power these supercars, Feeling so strong in fact that they procide a window on the engine bonnet so the world can appreciate this work of art.

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Door Handle Kit

Carbon Fiber Door handle kit, an RSC exclusive

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Door Sill Cover

Open the door and what do you see? If you purchase Carbon Door entry guards from RSC you will see beautiful hand laid Carbon Fiber Door entry guard that properly invite anyone into the cockpit of the 458 while protecting the paint from scuffs and the inevitable assault from spiked red bottom shoes.

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Exterior Mirror Covers

One of the few items that stick ourt into the aristream on the 458 are the wonderfully sculpted exterior mirrors. While body color is the standard flare, adding a set of Carbon Fiber Mirrors will set your 458 apart from the growing pack.

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Front Grill Kit

Keeping in line with the rest of the RSC styling program. RSC proudly offers these Carbon Fiber Grill replacements, Manufactured using our special Prepreg porcess each piece is guranteed to be a perfect pattern and fit. 

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Front Trunk Lid Kit

Every angle and inch of the 458 is a visual pleasure, until you open the frint bonnet and see miles of cheap looking plastic. RSC has found a quick way to bring visual relief to this one forgotten part, Our factory has made full replacment panels in hand laid Carbon Fiber to replace the unsightly plastic trim. impress at any angle inside or out.

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Enhance the rear end of the iconic 458 with an RSC Prepreg Rear diffuser, OE quality fit and finish.

RSC Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Underbody Parts Kit

Leave no detail unfinished. Once you replace all the cheap looking black plastic a great finishing touch would be our undertray kit that covers the section under the exhaust tip and around the rear diffuser, Perfectly Handlaid Carbon FIber and a great finishing touch