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91-01 Acura NSX 2002+ Gen 2 Conversion

Already have a Gen 1 Acura NSX but really loving the styling updates Honda did to the 2002+ face lift? Downforce USA has your answer without the Acura/Honda pricing!

91-05 Acura NSX Intake Manifold Cover

Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold designed for greater appeal. Save over 75% of the weight from the OEM cast aluminum part. The product comes ready to go with an optional clearcoat or matte finish. The show quality Glasurit clearcoat will save you hundreds from bodyshop charges.

91-05 Acura NSX Rear Diffuser DF-R

Looking for an aggresive rear diffuser for your Acura NSX? Look no further than the DF-R rear diffuser by Downforce USA. The diffuser is designed with four equal length fins that help channel air flow as it exits from underneath the car.

91-05 Acura NSX Rear Diffuser GT

This diffuser design was modeled from the 1997-1999 JGTC NSX race cars. The rear diffuser worked so well for the NSX that the JGTC Association restricted the use of diffusers for the NSX. Once the ban took affect the NSX stopped dominating the JGTC series.

91-05 Acura NSX Rear Diffuser Sport

Downforce Sport rear diffuser is to enhance the performance of the OEM NSX-R version. DF increased the length and size of the fins which is the most crucial step to channel high speed air. DF also extended the trailing lip to decrease turbulence.

Seibon Carbon Styling Products Available at Tunerworks

SEIBON Carbon, a division of SEIBON International, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality carbon fiber automotive body components such as hoods, trunks, fenders, and aerodynamic body additions such as rear spoilers and side skirts.