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Toyo Eclipse

The TOYO ECLIPSE offers a new level of affordability and security all in one tire. All Season reliability combined with a long lasting tread design.

Toyo Extensa A/S


The Extensa A/S delivers exceptional versatility and value for a wide range of passenger cars and minivans. With an extended tread life, precise all-season handling, M&S rating, and a comfortable ride, Extensa A/S means extra confidence.

Quality and value in a tire that performs.


Toyo Extensa HP

The Toyo Extensa HP is an all-season, high-performance value tire for sport coupes and sedans. Expect exceptional wear life, all-season handling, and high quality at an unexpected price.

Toyo Proxes 4

The Proxes 4 is an all-season, M&S rated, ultra-high performance tire designed primarily for plus-fitment applications on sport compact cars, sports sedans, and coupes. A wide range sizes are available with V and W speed ratings.

Toyo Proxes 4 Plus

An all-season, ultra-high performance tire the Toyo Proxes 4 PLUS is designed for today’s sports cars, coupes and sport sedans. The Proxes 4 Plus improves the dry road and as all-season performance of any passenger car requiring a performance tire.

Toyo Tourevo LSII

The eco-friendly Tourevo LS II is a luxury oriented all-season performance tire engineered to provide improved tread wear, rolling resistance and fuel economy for the latest performance touring vehicles.

Toyo Versado Eco


The Toyo Versado Eco, simply put ... improved ride, performance, fuel economy and better for the environment!

Being partially made with recycled and naturally derived materials the Versado ECO is a tire that not only improves your vehicles ride, reduces rolling resistance to improve fuel economy but simply put ... is better for the environment. The Toyo Versado ECO is the ideal tire for hybrids or any environmentally friendly vehicles and/or drivers.


Toyo Versado LX


The all-season Versado LX is a premium luxury-touring tire for today’s two and four-door sedans.  It provides a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride, while also delivering the performance and quality expected from Toyo Tires.

The Versado LX gives new meaning to refined performance in touring comfort.


Toyo Versado LX II

Versado LX II means versatility. One tire … multiple solutions. From sedans to minivans the Versado LX II is a luxury Eco-friendly tire, engineered for improved tread wear and rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel economy.

Toyo Versado Noir

The new Toyo Versado Noir offers uncompromised luxury, longevity and all-season performance for many of today’s popular cars. The Versado Noir, a premium, all-season touring tire for sedans and coupes is designed to stand out in the sea of “round and black” tires, by delivering  up to 30% more tread life than a leading competitor* plus improved fuel efficiency and a quiet, comfortable ride throughout the life of the tire.