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SUV & Light Truck

Toyo Open Country AT/II

With the versatile, all terrain Open Country A/T II tire, pavement is optional. The Toyo Open Country A/T II offers added traction for light trucks, vans and SUVs with more durability and longevity than the competition.  And with the option of going “Xtreme”, for added durability in severe conditions, the Open Country A/T II Xtreme delivers peak performance with rugged good looks.

Toyo Open Country C/T

The Toyo Open Country C/T light truck tire is designed for on-off road winter driving conditions, combining winter performance with commercial durability and traction. The Open Country C/T delivers optimum traction in all off-road conditions including dirt, gravel, mud and snow, while providing a quiet, comfortable highway ride.

Toyo Open Country H/T

The Open Country H/T is an all-season, light truck tire designed for optimal ride comfort, quiet performance and handling during city and highway use.  This tire is available in a wide range of original equipment sizes, perfect for upgrading the ride quality of your light truck, SUV or crossover.

Toyo Open Country M/T

The light truck Open Country M/T mud terrain tire is designed for enthusiasts who require extra ground clearance, load-carry capacity and off-road capability. As an added bonus it also provides great on-road performance.

Toyo Proxes ST II


The Proxes ST II is Toyo’s high-performance radial created for today’s SUV’s, sport trucks and select crossovers – and the trendsetters who drive them.

The fresh design and advanced tread elements of the Toyo Proxes ST II deliver the perfect balance of style and performance with a luxurious image, superb handling, confident all-season performance, unparalleled noise reduction, and consistent wear.


Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV

The Proxes T1 Sport SUV is Toyo Tires’ latest flagship UHP summer tire designed for luxury performance SUVs.  It features the same advanced performance and comfort characteristics of the Proxes T1Sport, with added technical characteristics and construction specifications for improved performance required by today’s luxury performance SUVs.

Toyo Versado CUV

The Versado CUV is an all-season, luxury performance tire designed specifically for crossover vehicles.  It delivers an extraordinarily smooth, quiet ride coupled with enhanced handling and stability to meet the unique demands of a crossover.