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Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R


Our Fastest Tire Yet

 "Taking the best and making it better"


Yokohama Advan Sport A/S


Dynamic All-Season Performance

"Designed For The Ultimate Drive"


Yokohama Geolander I/T G072

The new Geolandar I/T G072 sets a new standard for light truck and SUV performance in grueling winter weather conditions. Equipped with Yokohama’s new absorptive carbon flakes and resin-coated shelled microbubbles, it cuts through the watery film and hugs icy surfaces with no holds barred. An aggressive tread pattern chews through snow and keeps on trucking. Its multi-flat profile provides increased road contact, with wider grooves that flush away water and slush with ease. The GO72 offers all the confidence you need to take on the most challenging terrain in snowy, icy situations. Plus it offers exceptional handling and outstanding durability, even when the going gets tough.

Yokohama Ice Guard IG20

  • Absorptive carbon flakes use capillary action to draw water away from the surface.
  • Shelled microbubbles absorb any remaining water & improve contact with the ice & snow surface.
  • The silica with Zeruma agent compound enhances tire tread flexibility in very cold conditions, enabling it to grip the road.
  • 3-D pyramid-shaped sipes interlock to maintain strong tread blocks, improving block stiffness during acceleration, braking & cornering. Multiple edges offer better grip & control.

Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V

Skidding on ice is actually micro-hydroplaning : the weight of the vehicle and tire liquefies ice, forming a film of water as thin as only ten one-thousandths of a millimeter. That’s all it takes to separate the tire from the road and is a hugh factor in maintaining control of a vehicle.

Yokohama engineers have achieved a break-through in new compounds and ingenious internal technologies for the iceGUARD family of tires which effectively crush ice and remove this layer of water to keep you better connected with the road.

Yokohama W.Drive

  • Rigid All Weather Construction provides a combination of reliable driving stability & high-speed capability in dry conditions, with better grip & control in wet, cold & snow situations.
  • Polyhedral 3-D Sipes lock together under pressure, maintaining stiffer blocks for better performance, while allowing the softer compound & multiple edges to better grip ice & snow.
  • A New Advanced Compound combines micro-silica & Zeruma with a flexible polymer that keeps its flexibility at low temperatures, but maintains stiffness & stability at high temperatures.