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X Models

ESS BMW N52B30 DirectFlash Programmer

  • Fits E9X 328i & 330i, E6x 528i & 530i, X3 3.0i/si, X5 3.0i, Z4 3.0i/si & Z4 S-Drive30i

ESS N52B30 ESS DirectFlash Performance ECU software is a result of extensive testing and exact calibration of ECU parameters to allow considerable performance gains on an otherwise stock car.


ESS F-Series 35i N55 E-Tronic Tuner

  • ESS E-tronic provides safe, simple to add power to the already potent 135i/235i/335i/435i/535i/X3 3.5i and X5 3.5i.
  • Installation time est 30-45 min.

GIAC 2009-2010 BMW X6 3.5 Programming

  • GIAC performance software for the 2010 - 2009 BMW ® X6 35i smoothly delivers a 55 - 90 HP and 55 - 110 Ft/Lbs gain.
  • Can be performed in-house at Tunerworks without having to ship ECU out for programming.
  • For optimum performance the software must be coupled with intake, exhaust and intercoolers.