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Products By GMG Racing

GMG Porsche 997 GT3 WC Sport Center Section Exhaust

  • T304 stainless tubing all stainless aerospace grade hardware and clamps
  • Offers a deep aggressive exhaust note over the stock system. Hit the Sport button and listen to the beautiful engine noise that the GT3 engine produces

GMG Porsche 997 Rear WC Bumpsteer/Toesteer Kit

  • If you have lowered your 996 or 997 you may have a problem when having it aligned and correcting the rear toe.
  • Can be used on daily driven street cars, links do not transmit road harshness into the cabin.

GMG Porsche 997.1 Turbo WC Sport Lowering Springs

  • Matched spring rates for PASM dampers.
  • 1" drop front and rear.
  • Absolutely NO SAGGING with our springs.

GMG Porsche 997.1 Turbo WC-GT Sport Exhaust

  • 35hp+ performance increase over stock
  • Over 30lbs weight savings over stock exhaust system

GMG Audi 5.2 V10 WC-R8 GT Sport Exhaust

GMG introduces the World Challenge ( WC) Sport exhaust system for the Audi R8 5.2 V10. A proven design that not only wakes up the sound of the V10 engine but also saves over 50lbs of weight and offers a performance increase of upto 20+ hp on 91 octane pump fuel. The system utilizes a smaller race muffler with less packing to enhance and improve motorsport sound.

GMG Audi R8 WC-R8 Sport Lowering Springs


GMG WC sport lowering springs offers the Audi R8 owner a 20mm drop without sacrificing ride quality.

The springs are designed and tuned to work with the stock factory dampers and feature a progressive rate design with stepless pitch.


GMG Porsche 997 Turbo WC Sway Bar Kit


GMG has worked with Eibach the world leader in spring and sway bar development design and manufacturing to develop the GMG World Challenge sport sway bar kit for the 997TT.

A GMG exclusive design which features sway bars that are 3 way adjustable front and 3 way adjustable rear.