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Products By Champion Motorsport

Champion Motorsport Porsche 997 Turbo Intercooler Kit

  • Designed for both 997.1 (07-09) and 997.2 (10+) applications

In order to minimize restrictions in airflow, the core of the Champion intercoolers was specifically designed for this application, as opposed to being cut from a "sheet" of core material.


Champion Motorsport Porsche 997.2 Billet Turbochargers

As part of our complete power package for the 2010+ Turbo, the new CMS Billet Turbochargers are capable of performance that was previously reserved for the world's most elite supercars.

Champion Motorsport RF67 Forged Monolite Wheel

There are wheels that look good, wheels that enhance your car’s performance, and then there are wheels that do both.  The RF67 is one of those wheels that not only looks great, but also has proven performance benefits to back up its good looks.