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Products By RENNtech

RENNtech Mercedes CLA45 AMG ECU Upgrade

Our proprietary ECU upgrade for the Mercedes M133 engine offers huge gains in performance across the entire RPM range without sacrificing around town comfort or daily driver reliability.

RENNtech Mercedes AMG 63 (M156 6.2L N/A) & 63 BiTurbo (M157 5.5L BiTurbo) incl 4-MATIC ECU Upgrade

  • NEW! Intermediate Level ECU Upgrades
  • Up to 701hp & 836ftlb available depending on your "63" series Mercedes Benz 
  • Used in the Mercedes CL63, CLS63, CLS63S, E63, E63S, S63, SL63, ML63, G63 & more!

RENNtech Mercedes 63 AMG (M156) Carbon Fiber Airbox

By optimizing the path and increasing the volume of incoming airflow, our carbon air box is able to offer gains up to +10 hp and + 5 lb/ft of torque, in addition to serving as an attractive under hood showpiece.

RENNtech Mercedes 63 BiTurbo (M157) Carbon Fiber Airbox

Using the highest quality pre-preg carbon fiber, our 4-piece airbox kit  for the 63 series biturbo M157 engine comes complete with flow optimized turbo tubes to maximize engine performance by increasing the volume of incoming airflow.

RENNtech Bentley Continental GT ECU Upgrade

  • Stock Performance: 552 HP @ 6100 RPM; 479 LB-FT @ 1600 RPM
  • Gains: 620 HP @ 6400 RPM; 560 LB-FT @ 1800 RPM

Our proprietary Bentley ECU upgrade offers rock solid performance from RENNtech, the foremost tuning authority on Bosch and Siemens engine control units.


RENNtech V3 Digital Suspension Lowering Module for Porsche / Bentley / Audi / VAG

The Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) V3 Digital Lowering Module (DLM) is designed to work with VAG Air Suspensions. The unit allows the user to have full control over all four corners of the vehicle’s suspension and adjust in 1mm increments.

RENNtech Sprinter 350 / Bluetec Van ECU Upgrade

Our proprietary ECU upgrade offers significant gains in both power and torque without sacrificing daily driver reliability. The maximizes the already capable Sprinters ability to transport large cargo or tow large loads without degrading performance.