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Akrapovic Volkswagen Golf VI GTI Slip-On Exhaust

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is considered an icon in the world of automobiles. The GTI is also popular with tuners, who search for GTI accessories to improve its power and look. The Akrapovič aftermarket Slip-On exhaust system with 100-millimeter tail pipes from precious titanium or attractive carbon fibers proves to be the ideal choice that makes the 6th generation GTI even more beautiful and powerful as well as lighter. In this process, sound plays at least as an important a role as appearance and improvement of performance.

Akrapovic Volkswagen Golf VII (14+) GTI Evolution Exhaust

The Evolution systems for the GTI retain all the exclusivity of the titanium Slip-On exhaust systems, including stunning carbon fiber tailpipes, and display further potential through additional link and down pipes made from high-grade stainless steel for even greater strength and enhanced temperature and corrosion resistance.