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Pirelli Winter Carving Edge


A studdable tire with a directional pattern for safe driving in extreme weather conditions.

The directional tread pattern design provides the best possible lateral road holding, even in the most difficult conditions.


Pirelli Winter Ice Control

WINTER ICECONTROL is the latest member of the Pirelli Winter family. The tire has been developed in Sweden in order to meet the demanding Nordic winter conditions. Guaranteed safety and high performance on ice and snow, without compromising with the features on wet and dry roads or tire comfort. WINTER ICECONTROL is Pirelli’s solution so you don’t have to worry during in extreme winter conditions.

Pirelli Winter SnowControl Serie II

The WINTER SNOWCONTROL™ SERIE II is a new “Green Performance” winter tire for touring and compact cars developed to perform in all road conditions.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II

  • Designed for your sports car & sport sedans winter tire requirements

An innovative tire for sports cars and medium to high-powered sedans, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ Serie II offers excellent driving safety in all road conditions during the cold weather season.