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Yokohama Ice Guard IG20

  • Absorptive carbon flakes use capillary action to draw water away from the surface.
  • Shelled microbubbles absorb any remaining water & improve contact with the ice & snow surface.
  • The silica with Zeruma agent compound enhances tire tread flexibility in very cold conditions, enabling it to grip the road.
  • 3-D pyramid-shaped sipes interlock to maintain strong tread blocks, improving block stiffness during acceleration, braking & cornering. Multiple edges offer better grip & control.

Yokohama W.Drive

  • Rigid All Weather Construction provides a combination of reliable driving stability & high-speed capability in dry conditions, with better grip & control in wet, cold & snow situations.
  • Polyhedral 3-D Sipes lock together under pressure, maintaining stiffer blocks for better performance, while allowing the softer compound & multiple edges to better grip ice & snow.
  • A New Advanced Compound combines micro-silica & Zeruma with a flexible polymer that keeps its flexibility at low temperatures, but maintains stiffness & stability at high temperatures.