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Black Rhino

Black Rhino El Cajon

  • 2015 Release!
  • The El Cajon is an aggressive split 7 spoke with a simulated beadlock outer lip style.
  • Each Black Rhino wheel is engineered to carry the heavy loads often associated with Trucks and SUV’s.

Black Rhino Everest

  • New for 2014!
  • The EVEREST is a clean cut, concaved five spoke wheel.
  • Who said climbing one of the highest peaks in the world Mount Everest has to be rugged? The EVEREST wheel keeps it clean and simple.
  • For a touch of style, and thickness to pair with your Truck or SUV the EVEREST stands out above the rest.

Black Rhino Glamis

  • The Glamis takes its name from the renowned Glamis dunes in Southern California, a local get-away for all things off-road. Much like the dunes the GLAMIS wheel exudes prowess and style.
  • The GLAMIS is available in a Solid Matte Black.
  • Each spoke jumps out to a healthy lip accented by heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts.

Black Rhino Imperial

  • The IMPERIAL has eight thick curved spokes that meet a thick stepped ring, accented with heavy duty bolts that meet with a clean lip.
  • This off road wheel is designed in Matte Black and Silver with a machine face and lip to enhance the look of your stock or lifted truck.

Black Rhino Letaba

  • The Letaba is a sleek, masculine split six-spoke concaved wheel style.
  • The Letaba is named after the famous camp at Kruger National Park in Africa and literally means “river of sand”.
  • The Letaba is available in 20x 9”,22x9.5” and 24x10” in Matte Black, and Silver w/Mirror Cut Face.

Black Rhino Lucerne

  • The LUCERNE is a chiseled six spoke wheel with solid triangle cut-out in each spoke to add depth.
  • Each spoke carries to a decent sized lip with heavy duty hex bolts encompassing the wheel.
  • The LUCERNE is an aggressive off road wheel designed to enhance the look of your stock/lifted truck.

Black Rhino Mint

  • 2015 Release!
  • The Mint is available in full Matte Black and Gloss Graphite.
  • Available in 17", 18" & 20" SUV & Light Truck applications

Black Rhino Moab

  • The MOAB is a thick rugged styled multi-spoke with a hard angled “V” groove down the center of each spoke.
  • Each spokes finishes off with a single heavy duty hex bolt that meets at a decent lip with strong procession of hex bolts encompassing the wheel.

Black Rhino Mojave

  • The MOJAVE is a tough yet clean split five-spoke wheel.
  • Each spoke angles with a hard straight line towards the outer lip.
  • The outer lip is highlighted with rugged machined dimples to add style.

Black Rhino Mozambique Rotary Forged

  • 2015 Release!
  • Available in two finishes: full matte black and gloss black with milled spokes.

Black Rhino Pandora

  • The Pondora is a straight cut six spoke with a small step groove accenting each spoke.
  • Each spoke moves with prowess to meet with a nice machine cut lip.
  • Much like the luxurious wild gaming park Pondoro in South Africa, after which the wheel is named, the PONDORA fits the bill of classy with a touch of raw toughness.

Black Rhino Peak Rotary Forged

  • New for 2014!
  • The PEAK is a sleek six spoke with smooth accent lines in the center of each spoke.
  • To add to the look each spoke rolls back with a nice concave to give that sporty feel.
  • When you are looking at the top, reach for the PEAK for your Truck and SUV.

Black Rhino Rockwell

  • The ROCKWELL is a thick open styled multi-spoke off road wheel, which leads to heavy duty bolt accents around the lip.
  • The ROCKWELL is an aggressive off road wheel named after a natural area in the northwest corner of the little Sahara, home to 60,000 acres of sand dunes and trails.

Black Rhino Sabi

  • The Sabi is a thick open styled multi-spoke truck wheel, which leads to heavy duty bolted accents around the lip.
  • SABI wheels are named after the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa which shares an open border to the renowned Kruger National Park, an area abundant with African wildlife.

Black Rhino Sidewinder

  • The Sidewinder is a tough multi-spoke off road wheel which has smooth curves jetting forward to grab the outer wheel and accented with heavy duty rivets.
  • The SIDEWINDER was designed in solid Matte Black to enhance the look of your stock or lifted truck.

Black Rhino Sierra

  • The Sierra is a thick & aggressive multi-spoke style.
  • The SIERRA is available in a Gloss Black w/ Milled Spokes.
  • The SIERRA takes its name from the vast mountain range spanning the California, and Nevada border.

Black Rhino Slide

  • The SLIDE is an aggressive split multi-spoke style.
  • The SLIDE comes with eight sturdy split spokes that angle their way to a clean lip with dimpled accents highlighting each spoke.

Black Rhino Tanay

  • 2015 Release!
  • The Tanay is available in Matte Black with Machine Face & Dark Matte Tint, Silver with Machine Face and Matte Black w/Matte Graphite Lip.
  • Available in aggressive and standard fitments in 17x9,18x9, 20x9 and 20x10

Black Rhino Traverse

  • The TRAVERSE is a masculine crafted face forward multi-spoke style.
  • Each spoke traverses their way up from the center, with a deep concave meeting at a chiseled angle cut to meet the outer wheel.