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Recaro Automotive available at Tunerworks Performance

RECARO Automotive Seating has been setting standards in automotive seating for decades. RECARO produced the first retrofit sports seat for automobiles, the world’s lightest car seat and the most innovative commercial vehicle seat in addition to new sport seats in a modern composite design.

Recaro Expert


The RECARO Expert seat is a perfect blend of style, comfort and performance.  The Expert seat offers all of the handmade craftsmanship RECARO is known for and our world-renowned ergonomics.  With the Expert seat you can achieve the distinct import interior styling you desire while taking a huge leap forward in comfort and performance from stock automotive seats. 


Recaro Orthoped


There is no other seat in the world like the RECARO Orthoped.  If “second best” isn’t in your vocabulary, the Orthoped is the only seat that will meet your standards.  At only a glance you’ll see the quality handmade craftsmanship in this world-class seat.  Each weld, bolt, cut and stitch is made with a sense of pride that comes from 100 years of offering the best.   Make a statement with the RECARO Orthoped.  It’s everything a car seat should be and more…..


Recaro Profi


The Profi shell design – quality and high-performance for beginners and professionals.

The RECARO Profi is the choice of champions. The professional glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) shell has special friction grip surfaces in the shoulder area that makes it an excellent choice for use in rallying and circuit racing.


Recaro Profi XL


The Profi XL shell design – quality and high-performance for beginners and professionals.

The RECARO Profi XL is the choice of champions- especially for the larger driver.  The glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) shell mold which was specially adapted for the larger driver is 35 mm wider and 50 mm higher than the standard version and features larger belt guides.


Recaro Speed


Take your vehicle to a whole new level with the RECARO Speed seat.  The RECARO Speed seat is inspired by our racing shells and designed for the rigors of performance driving.   Nothing feels or looks quite like a real RECARO.   You only have to sit in the Speed seat to understand what superior ergonomics are.  The Speed seat keeps you firmly in place during aggressive driving manuevers.  The integrated head rest, pronouced side bolsters and belt pass-throughs all combine to give the Speed the look and feel of a racing seat while still maintaining the comfort you need for everyday driving.  Why settle, when you can have the RECARO Speed? 


Recaro Sportster CS


Redefine the interior style of your vehicle with the RECARO Sportster CS.  The Sportster CS is the latest in seating technology.   The hybrid design incorporates the strength of a metal seat base with a fiber reinforced polymer based formed backrest.  The combination creates a sleek, distinct, eye-catching look.  The integrated headrest and aggressive bolstering are reminiscent of racing seats while the comfort and ergonomic qualities are evocative of the world’s best sport luxury automobiles.  Sacrifice nothing with the RECARO Sporster CS. 


Recaro Style XL


You will immediately see and feel the difference from the RECARO Style XL and other automotive seats.  Automotive manufactures take style cues for the latest import and sport luxury vehicles seats from the Style XL.  But only a RECARO seat combines style with world-renowned ergonomic technology, comfort and aggressive driving support performance.   No other seats rival the quality handmade craftsmanship of real RECARO seats.   You and your vehicle deserve the Style XL seat.  It is everything a car seat should be and more...


Sparco Street and Competition Products Available at Tunerworks

Two race drivers who shared the same passion for motorsport founded Sparco in 1977. More than thirty six years later, Sparco has grown to be the largest manufacturer of automotive safety equipment in the world. Sparco's ambition for producing the safest driving suit possible, is still the number one priority for the company.