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Akrapovic Porsche Panamera S/4/4 S (09-12) Evolution Exhaust

We made no compromises when developing the new Evolution exhaust system for this four-door sporty limousine. This new aftermarket system is noticeably louder, with a deep and very aggressive sound, to fully express the racing-oriented nature of this exhaust, which is made from our proprietary titanium alloy. This complete beautifully crafted titanium system consists of four round tail pipes, computer-optimized asymmetrical mufflers with a “dual mode” exhaust valve system, and a link pipe with a resonator to eliminate any chance of in-cabin droning.

Akrapovic Porsche Panamera Turbo (09-12) Evolution Exhaust

The Panamera is not a typical Porsche. The engine is mounted in the front, it has four doors and as many seats. Additionally, this sporty limousine weighs much more than any member of the 911 family. Despite its different design, the Panamera Turbo remains a top of the line sports car, with special attention being paid to comfort. With this in mind, the Akrapovič team developed a state-of-the-art aftermarket Evolution exhaust system from special top-notch titanium, on the manufacturing of which we focused all our attention and experience.

Akrapovic Porsche Panamera Turbo (14+) Evolution Exhaust

Using experience gained when creating the first system for the Panamera Turbo, we made this new system noticeably louder with a deep, aggressive sound that fully expresses the racing oriented nature of this new exhaust.