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Akrapovic Audi R8 5.2 V10 (09-12) Slip-On Exhaust

What could make a 5.2 liter V10-powered all-wheel drive mid-engine 500+ horsepower supercar even better? The answer: lower weight, more power, and an unbelievable change in engine sound. Akrapovič is proud to bring all of these things and more to an amazing road car.

Akrapovic Audi RS5 (B8) Evolution Titanium Exhaust

Audi’s sports cars are the perfect partner for precision-engineered titanium alloy Evolution systems, which make these Ingolstadt machines even more attractive on all fronts. They yield more power, lower the weight, and deliver that unmistakable Akrapovič sound.

Akrapovic Audi RS7 Sportback (C7) Evolution Titanium

Audi’s high-performance RS models are an ideal match for the expertly styled and beautifully engineered Akrapovič Evolution exhaust systems.
The Evolution gives more power, higher torque, decreases the weight, and delivers an unmistakable Akrapovič sound—which has a deep sound at lower revs and a ‘popping’ sound as things speed up when the throttle is lifted.

Akrapovic Audi S5 Slip-On Exhaust

The pleasures are fully enhanced with the use of the Akrapovič ‘aftermarket’ homologated Slip-On exhaust system that hits both the power increase and weight reduction note, as well as offers a stimulating sound. The Slip-On for the S5, used with an optionally supplied link pipe and wireless exhaust valve control system, is a must for everyone who wants to get more enjoyment from their automobile.

Akrapovic Audi TTS Slip-On Exhaust

Some feel that the TT is more a fashion accessory than a true sports toy. However, the TTS model proves the opposite. From its two-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection you can expect good power. But if the back of the TTS boasts an aftermarket Akrapovič Slip-On exhaust system, it offers even greater power. The Slip-On system does not convince just with an increase of power and a more optimal use thereof, but also by offering a significant weight reduction and a more sporty sound and if you examine the photographs, four 100-millimiter tail pipes – all from precious titanium. A very important fact is also that the Akrapovič Slip-On exhaust system for the Audi TTS is homologated.