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Tomei Powered Performance Available at Tunerworks

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Mr. Seiichi Suzuki initially forged TOMEI is a tuning factory for race cars back in 1968. (Established as TOMEI JIDOUSHA Co. Ltd). From that day onwards TOMEI achieved excellent results in various motor sports categories. TOMEI was then recognized for its technology, performance and reliability that we had cultivated into our own design products and had a large support base from motor sports end users and tuners. Then the "TOMEI" brand was born through experience.

With the new market trends & demands, motoring enthusiasts wanted better performance to suit the new modern lifestyle. This trend helped set the stage where originality can play an active part in the motor sports scene and personal motoring lifestyle. The "TOMEI" brand fed our latest technology back into the field in which we had received our results from various motor sports scene.

Our factories are forged by the skillful staff and machines that make it complete. From the assembly of complete race engines and the production of various performance products, the specialized tuning services in which we offer with our technology from complete overhauls to full race engine builds. Our quality inspection is of the strictest standards. Our staff takes pride in their daily routine work as professionals to deliver the best results to the end users. From these very strict precision guidelines is what has made TOMEI the renowned quality it is known for today.

We sell the full line of Tomei products and applications. Please contact us to inquire about specific applications or styles not listed on our website.


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