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Brixton M51 Forged

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The Brixton Forged M51 wheel has been designed and redefined following in parallel with the Brixton mantra of extracting quality from details. Our M51 Targa offers a unique ball-end milled spoke contour which drops toward the end of the spoke into the flange, lending to an industry leading look that shaves weight and delivers originality. The rest of the line offers aggressive center profiles, recessed and exposed hardware options and our lightweight Circuit series, expanding the degrees of freedom to be truly original.


  • Forged 3-Piece
  • Lightweight Step-lip
  • Concave / Super Concave Forging

A powerful demonstration of wheel-making mastery, the Targa Series has been meticulously honed, studied and refined time after time to produce the ultimate collaboration between design and performance. Utilizing both Concave / Super Concave profile forgings and lightweight step-lip rim halves, our Designers and Engineers have the ability to model distinctive depth and dimension only possible in the Targa Series. Available in 19.0”- 24.0” diameters with variable width options from 7.0” - 16.0”.


  • Forged 3-Piece
  • Reverse / Flat-lip
  • Concave / Super Concave Forging

The Brixton Monaco Series is an extension of the Targa Series, combining the essence of deep reverse-lip rim halves and Concave / Super Concave profile forgings which allow for a larger exposed wheel disc and deeper looking lip. A true representation of achieving the maximum in everything, the Monaco blood line is defined by aggressive fitment and exudes class. Available in 19.0”-24.0” diameters with variable width options from 7.0” to 16.0”.


  • Forged 3-Piece
  • Lightweight Track Spec
  • Flat / Standard Profile Forging

The 3-Piece Circuit Series has been sculpted, engineered and crafted to offer the most lightweight multi-piece wheel set in the Brixton Forged collection. A key component of the Circuit Series’ identity is its utilization of industry leading contoured profile forgings and the lightest 6061-T6 step-lip rim halves available on the market today. Available in 18.0”- 24.0” diameters with variable width options from 7.0” - 16.0”.


  • 1-Piece Forged
  • Lightweight Monoblock
  • Flat / Concave / Super Concave

Representing a wealth of wheel-making expertise, the Brixton 1-Piece Mono Series is engineered for ultimate strength and structural rigidity. Using the world’s finest Monoblock 6061-T6 aluminum forgings, the Brixton Forged Mono Series’ direct purpose is to provide a lightweight, high strength forged wheel that is individually engineered to increase vehicle performance, driveability and fitment. Available in 19.0”- 23.0” diameters with variable width options from 8.5” - 13.0”.

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